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Citrine Dreamer Icons

Icons by Nebula1984

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Welcome to Citrine Dreamer Icons. This icon journal/community is run by nebula1984. Most of the graphics you will find here will be either icons or colorbars with the occasional mixture of bases and friends only banners. ^^ If you have any questions or you need to reach me my e-mail address can be found above.

Rules for all graphics found in this journal (Full rules here.)

1. Comment if you snag something would be appreciated. Or you can even just comment if you like what you see.

2. Unless otherwise stated please credit either nebula1984, ffxi_destiney, or citrine_dreamer if you take any graphics.

3. I do take requests. But please make sure you read the request rules found here before you request anything. You can make your request on any journal entry.

4. Textless icons are NOT bases. If I make bases they will be put in an entry all by themselves. Any textless found with normal icons are supposed to be textless. Do NOT modify them. If you want a textless modified then request it or at least ask if you want to modify a textless.

5. NO DIRECT LINKING! Big no no. If I find you are direct linking without my permission I will get even. *evil grin* You have been warned.

6. Brush and other credits for the stuff I use can be found here.

7. If you wish to be an affiliate, please ask. ^_- Or leave a reply in the Link Banner post.

Requests are: CLOSED! (Just make sure to read the rules first.) Not making Icons at this time. =/ Sorry.



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