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PB Bashing and People Eating. ICONS

Well I would have had this posted earlier but stupid morons over at PB just had to do scheduled maintenance as I was trying to get these all posted. *growls and snarls at PB*

I come with two icon sets (you'll have to hover over the image for the anime series). Plus there are the losers from last weeks icontests. The second icon set was inspired by my personal journal default icon. XD Also a couple YNM icons that didn't fit in with the rest of the post lol!

*EDIT* PB had me so angry I almost forgot. I have my first affiliate. Tiger-chan makes some funny icons. Simple but funny. That's why I love them. ^^ So check out glitter_falls sometime! (Or I'll chase you down with my baka mallet! Bwhahaha. No but seriously drop by glitter_falls sometime.)

Card Captor Sakura [1]
Pretear [1]
Tsubasa RC [1]
Zoids Chaotic Century [1]
Zoids New Century 0 [1]
.hack//SIGN [2]
Gundam Wing [2]
Naruto [2]
Rurouni Kenshin [2]
Yuu Yuu Hakusho [2]
Magic Knights Rayearth [3]
Full Metal Alchemist [4]
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon [4]
Teen Titans [4]
Sorcerer Stabber Orphen [5]
Yami No Matsuei [6]
Yu-Gi-Oh! [7]

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First Batch of Bases

Well I'm finally going to post my very first batch of bases to share. I would have done Orphen first but Tiger-chan needs some Final Fantasy bases so I decided to start with those. *snicker* I have roughly 81 to start with. Probably make more. Not sure yet. Graphic program had quit responding around 81 so that's why I stopped there. (Or was it a sign... Hmm... My force for PSO is now lvl 81 and I made 81 FF bases... Freaky. XD)

An Tiger-chan, if you want more from a specific FF let me know. I can do more. ^_-

All the FF bases in this post are from Final Fantasy 7 through Final Fantasy 12 (excluding 11) plus a few from the Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children movie. Oh yeah and one from one of the first FFs.

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Please no hotlinking! (To icon makers:)Credit for the base is nice but not required. ^^'

I've temporarily lost my Sanity. XD

Well if you expected to see some icons or colorbars this entry you'll be disappointed. None this update. XD This update actually contains link banners. I was cleaning up the user info and making it all pretty. ^^' I went a bit overboard making link banners this morning so other then the four in the user info the rest can be found here.

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Totally Random

Well back with some fresh icons. All the Naruto ones are just totally random. XD I was bored at the time I made them cause my cable net connection was down.

Icon Count
[2]Card Captor Sakura
[2]Devil May Cry
[10]Full Metal Panic
[2]Gundam Wing
[1]Sailor Moon
[1]Tsubasa RC

Total Count: 39

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Colorbar Crazy

Okay I had made these all yesterday morning but IE had crashed on me before I got them posted. So I'm trying again here. There are about 21 colorbars plus the Sailor Saturn one I did before in an earlier post. Also re-uploaded my Seiya colorbar that I did back when I first started colorbar making. (I updated it with the rounded edge color borders that all my newer colorbars have.) I did mostly colorbars of the Senshi. Some minor cast and couples colorbars also included. Would have made more yesterday but Karasu (my computer) was getting bitchy. (Not making any today cause I need to get to bed early.)

[21]Sailor Moon Colorbars + [2]Older Sailor Moon colorbars re-uploaded to this post.

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Zoids Fever

Yay! More Zoids icons yet again. Along with my losing icons from last week's icontests. And my one third place winning icon. ^^ I was Zoid Icon happy again. XD More of Raven but also a small variety of the other cast. If anyone knows of any good image sites for Zoids (series doesn't matter) please let me know. ^_-

[1]Magic Knights Rayearth
[1]Sorcerer Stabber Orphen
[1]Sailor Moon
[2]Gundam Wing
[2]Tsubasa Chronicle

Icon Total = 34

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Icontest Awards!

*squeals happily and dies* I finally did it! I placed in an icontest! Granted I didn't get first but I don't care! I just wanted to place. So this post is going to be where I post my banners. ^^ So there aren't actually any icons in this post. My next post should be loaded with more Zoids icons. My very first win was over at _mechachallenge.

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Last updated: June 15th 2007
New icons and old icons. A good many of them from last week's icontests. ^^' A small total of 8 icons.

[1]Full Metal Panic
[2]Sailor Moon
[3]Card Captor Sakura
[1]Zoids Chaotic Century (And no its not of Raven for once)

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Who Needs Text

Back with more icons in less then 24 hours. ^^ I was in a bummed mood and when I'm down I make icons. Behind the cut are the results. A nice total of 15. Some textless and some not. They all feature Raven of Zoids Chaotic Century. (I was having fun mixing different filters/brushes and such in Pixia.)

[15] Zoids Chaotic Century

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More Insanity

I'm back with more icons using the funny quotes at Good Quotes. ^^ Plus I have a few other icons. Not many.

[5] .hack//GIFT
[2] Gundam Wing
[2] Xenosaga
[1] Saiyuki
[1] Sailor Moon

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