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Random Goodies

I haven't really done any serious icon making in awhile now. Mostly cause I've had no drive to go back an find all the stuff I lost. Here's some random ones I've made over the last few months to use as my MSN messenger icon.

.hack//G.U. [1]
Final Fantasy 11 [3]
Mirai Nikki [5]
Misc [1]
Phantasy Star Universe [1]
Shinobi Life [1]

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Not Forgotten

No I haven't forgotten about this place. Just a long an boring task to recover hundreds of images. An some almost impossible to find anymore. =/ I do plan to make a comeback as soon as I can though. :P Might just be some PSU or another video game icon bases. We'll see. If anyone sees posts from the user ffxi_destiney, its just my gamer journal. Tried keeping my MMORPG life seperate from my rl since almost all of my rl friends don't play MMORPGs.

Wow an update?! o.O

Yes in a long time I havent posted but I'm back! :D Small post to get things rolling again but I spent most of the day saving my old icons to my hard drive. XD

Tsubasa [1]
.hack//ROOTS [1]
Final Fantasy [2]
Claymore [1]

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Well finally got the graphics all fixed.^^ So now onto getting things moving around here again. I'll probably just start with a batch of bases or something till I get back from vacation next week.


Yeah long time no post from me. >.>; Was looking at my user info of my normal journal and found a broken image. Seems YesAlbum had a harddrive failure an all the images I had hosted there were lost... >.> So I guess tomorrow I will work on restoring that before I see about getting back into the iconing fun.
Still alive an haven't forgotten about this place. Things have just been a bit hetic. Haven't had a chance to upload any of my new icons. I'll have a bunch when I finally do.

Key to Your Dark Heart

Okay so icons are on a small hiatus lol. I couldn't resist filling a request for someone on my friend's list. :) I bring today, 2 Kingdom Hearts series colorbars. Both dealing with the Organization from Kingdom Hearts: CoM & Kingdom Hearts II.

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Status? Certaintly not Dead!

Yes is has been a while since I last posted any icons. :-/ Blame the weather. My computer's fan in the tower or whatever must have stopped working cause it refuses to run long in this summer heat. And since I work third when it would be coolest in the house (sorry no AC) means I can be on for limited amounts of time. So icons are on a small haitus. Just till I figure out what's up with my machine.

VG Colorbars

Been a while since I made any colorbars. I come back with a small bundle. ^^ A nice little total of 6 this time. The FFXI colorbar was made using screencaps of my team yesterday (cause that's all I have screencap wise since I just found out how yesterday). ^_^'

[2]Kingdom Hearts (from the Deep Dive trailer)
[1]Final Fantasy XI

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Long enough wait? ^^'

Dang its been a few weeks since my last icon update. I've kinda been busy an addicted to Final Fantasy XI. ^^' An my iconing muse just wasn't with me much till recent when oulan started sharing Bleach screen caps. Yay! Oh an I updated by placement banner post with two of four new lovely banners. ^^ Been scoring Mod's Choice mostly. But I did manage my first second place win as well. :D The banners are located This Way!

Candidate for Goddess [1]
Ruruoni Kenshin [1]
Zoids [1]
Gundam SEED [2]
Gundam Wing [2]
Saiyuki [2]
Shaman King [2]
Tsubasa RC [2]
Yami No Matsuei [2]
Card Captor Sakura [4]
G Gundam [4]
Naruto [4]
Sailor Moon [4]
Yu-Gi-Oh! [5]
Bleach [13]

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